I created an item market for minecraft where people were able to sell items for a set price and buy them for a set price. This was done by creating a website and a minecraft plugin. The plugin had a few commands where you could withdraw / deposit items and login.

It automatically synced your money with your in-game money. This was done by connecting the minecraft vault API to an external database, which was also then used by the website.

When you tried to withdraw items, a chest would open with the amount of items you had in the website. Whatever you withdrew would be taken away from the website. It was critical to prevent duplication bugs so special attention was paid to the security of this system. The same idea happened with depositing items, except this time, an empty chest would open.

Why did I put this on my resume?

I made this project while never having worked with minecraft plugins and having limited experience with Java. However when I want to get something done, I'll quickly learn and adapt to new technologies and am able to create a complicated project from scratch.

This project was made possible by programming a website, a minecraft plugin and an API to interact with the database. It combined multiple technologies including NodeJS / Java / Spigot API / Vault API / HTML / CSS / MySQL / Multithreading / ...

I'm passionate about my work and will see long term projects through by myself or with a team. I love programming and taking on a new technical challenge.